Program for families hit by the economic crisis

Leading organisation: 
Nestor Psychogeriatric Association
Nestor Psychogeriatric Association is carrying out a complex program that offers both feeding and psychological support to dozens of families affected by the economic crisis. The program is designed for : • elderly people taking care of minor children, • elderly people taking care of patients with dementia and • lonely elderly with multiple social problems. The program includes : • a monthly food package ( long lasting products, frozen food ),cleaning materials and personal hygiene products (detergents , soaps , etc.), • monthly visits and weekly telephone contacts with the families by two volunteers . The whole program activity is been supervised by health professionals of Nestor Psychogeriatric Association. An integral part of this activity is volunteering. As a volunteer someone can provide psychological support and companionship through monthly visits to the families of the program. Volunteers record and refer to the Social Service of Nestor Psychogeriatric Association . to cover these needs.
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Contact details:,, 0030+2108235620, I.Drosopoulou 22, 11257, Athens, Greece
Key principle: 
Protect from abuse and neglect

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