The role of the Eldercare professional in a geriatric centre

Leading organisation: 
Sierra del Cuera nursing home for the elderly
In 2012 and with the intention of broadening the development of our comprehensive attention model which was mainly focused on the resident, we started to enhance the importance of the Eldercare professional. In our opinion, we could sum up the eldercare professionals' duties as follows: Exercise welfare duties, offering emotional support, paying attention to the necessities and abilities of each person and also for the person to have an active role in the programme “Care and Life”. In short, we hope to create a feeling of confidence which is essential to maintain the stability and harmony of our residents. When we started our programme, we took into account three essential aspects: firstly, the voluntary nature of the service, that is to say, the professional who decides to accept or deny the responsibility; secondly, to guarantee the possibility to the professional to leave the programme if he/she wishes and finally to make it clear that every eldercare professional belongs to the Assistant category. To conclude, we can say that by incorporating this professional figure into the dynamics of the residence improves the quality of life for our residents, it supports the idea of personalization in caring, it increases the relationship between professional and resident, it builds on the knowledge that professionals previously held about the residents, it pays attention to his/her necessities, capabilities, supports, wishes, preferences and expectations. In this way, it is easier to give proper answers to different situations, which emerge from the older person's routine. It also increases his/her self-confidence and the personal boundaries between resident and professional.
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Key principle: 
Protect from abuse and neglect
Respect for users’ rights

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