Textile for ageing society

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University of Innsbruck
According to many researches, the capacity of dressing/undressing yourself is among the first being lost in case of dependency. The need for adaptation of textile products increases therefore with increasing care required by elderly and innovation in these areas has the potential to benefit millions of elderly lives, from both groups across Europe, by significantly facilitating and enhancing quality of lives, improving the effectiveness of medical and social care services for chronically ill elderly, speed up recovery after medical treatment, and providing products with new properties. The “TAGS” project consortium purses this aim, gathering the elderly, represented by social and medical care institutions, together with manufacturers, technology developers and research institutions; with the purpose of active exchange of information, experiences and know-how in the field of textiles for elderly. Generally “TAGS” addresses demands on textiles, encompassing the elderly of all kinds, with the focus on specific needs of the elderly with regard to the textiles in four areas: • Bedding Textiles • Clothing • Textile Products for Hygiene and Personal Care • Therapeutic and Recreational/Leisure Textiles.
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