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The WeDO partnership is a virtual group of organisations committed to promote the European Quality framework for long-term care services. It includes organisations involved in the WeDO project and new organisations.

The WeDO partnership wants to make the European Quality framework for long-term care services a reality. If you want to take part to the WeDO partnership, you can : 

  • Register for the WeDO partnership mailing list, to be kept updated on all relevant news, events, etc. Before registering, please look at the WeDO partnership statement.
  • Send  examples of good practices and share your experiences.

  • Contact an existing national coalition or create yours : 

    • If your country was represented in the WeDO project: contact the responsible partner in your country here

    • If your country was not involved in the project, advertise the WeDO partnership and the EU quality framework for long-term care services in your country and contact relevant organisations who would be interested to work on this issue, for examples by developing concrete tools.

  • Joining the partnership! You can download the Guide for the WeDO partnership to get more information on this.

  • Everything is explained in the leaflets in the languages below: 

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