15 June 2013: WeDO get mobilized for the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

During the month of June, the WeDO partnership members will follow a range of activities related to the fight against elder abuse. Online social networks, media, public events will be used to spread the word on the need for quality long-term care services and the fight against elder abuse.

The list of planned activities is available below, with the link to the partners' websites. It will be updated regularly during the whole month of June.


AGE Platform Europe

...sent a press release on 13 June to call for the adoption of an EU Quality framework for long-term care services at EU level ;

...participated to the joint event European Commission/UN Office of High Commission for Human Rights on 'Preventing abuse and neglect of older persons in Europe' on 17-18 June 2013 in Brussels

...raised awareness on social networks on its twitter account (@AGE_PlatformEU)

National level: 

  • Austria

The Austrian Red Cross raised awareness on its website and will highlight this in their newsletter.

  • Finland

The National Institute for Health and Welfare participated to the seminar 'Hidden voices' on 14 June and already raised awareness on WeDO at the Gerontological congress, where they introduced a poster of WeDO.

  • France

The FNG co-organised a seminar on frailty and citizenship on 12 June. More information: http://www.fng.fr/html/actualites/detail_actu.asp?actu=581

  • Italy

Anziani e non solo raised awareness on the topic through its social networks where an Info Pack on Elder Abuse Prevention in Italian will be published. See: http://www.anzianienonsolo.it/?p=1820

  • Ireland

Third Age wrote an Opinion Piece and is looking for its use in Ireland's leading morning newspaper for the 15 June. They also expect a radio interview and are planning a press release. 

  • Netherlands

ANBO is organising the training of 15 volunteers to raise awareness on elder abuse and is planning regional meetings on that topic. A specific focus was made during the month of June.

  • Spain

Fundacion Pilares raised awareness through social networks. They prepared a press release for that day.

The press release was published in a wide number of media: 

FATEC raised awareness on WeDO in Catalunya by participating to a meeting with the Manresa city to introduce WeDO on 14 June, and by introducing officially the WeDO Quality framework to the Catalan ministry for social and family wellbeing on 19 June. 

  • Sweden

​SPF prepared with the WeDO swedish coalition a campaign for the 15 June called Våldet går inte i  pension! (Abuse doesn’t retire!). This includes a leaflet with information on elder abuse and where to turn if you or someone around you is exposed to elder abuse. They also made a badge with the logo on to make people ask questions.  More information here: www.spf.se/valdetipension

SPF and other organisatoins also organised events all around the country. The network will organize a manifestation in the city center of Stockholm on June 12th and organised a seminar in the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) from 12-13.30 on June 12th. 

The debate and discussion on the topic took place in another seminar in Almedalen on July 1st with representatives from both the government, Riksdag and the organizations. To get the list of contacts in the different countries, please consult the WeDO partnership map (http://www.wedo-partnership.eu/partner-list).

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