30/06/2015 Webinar on the WeDO2 Quality care training package!


Join our Webinar on ‘Introduction to final results of WeDO2 project, the quality care training package’, on 30th June from 10.00 to 11.30 am (CET).

The webinar will include:

  1. an introduction to the WeDO2 project
  2. a short session to guide you through the training

The webinar will aim to explain you how it works. It is easy, flexible and adaptable, so we also hope you will be convinced !

Background information
WeDO2 is a European learning partnership aiming to exchange practices among countries on the quality of long-term care and the rights of older people and develop a train the trainer module on the quality of care. The project partners developed and tested together the train the trainer module, and elaborated strategies to use the quality care training package on the longer term.
The quality care training package is fully available for download at the following link: http://wedo.tttp.eu/quality-care-training-package. It is available in several languages.

Should you wish to participate, please register here by the 29th June at the latest, and send your skype name to maude.luherne@age-platform.eu so we can connect you.

If you can’t take part to the webinar but are interested to have more information on the quality care training package, please come back to maude.luherne@age-platform.eu so we can arrange a future session together.

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