AGE General assembly adopts 2012 Declaration

At their annual General Assembly, AGE members adopted a Declaration urging EU leaders and Member States to put employment at the top of their political priorities and to adopt strong measures to boost the EU economy, job creation and social cohesion, and to promote a new European society based on greater solidarity, equity and cooperation between and within generations. With regard to long term care and human rights, AGE members:

  • called for the inclusion of the fight against all forms of elder abuse in all contexts in the work priority of the new Rights and Justice Programme to support NGOs working in this area;
  • supported the initiative of the Council of Europe to develop an instrument to promote the rights of older people;
  • supported the work launched by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Department of Economic and Social Affairs on the human rights of older people and the proposal for a UN Convention on the Rights of Older People;
  • called for the adoption of an EU Quality Framework for long-term care as a means to fight elder abuse and foster older people’s wellbeing and dignity, using the outcomes of the WeDO project, and the organisation of a Social Protection Committee Peer Review once a year to allow Member States to exchange their experience on quality LTC and the fight against elder abuse;
  • called for a better coordination of national justice systems and police records to prevent staff who have been convicted of elder abuse in a country to seek work as a carer in another Member State;
  • called for the inclusion of ‘elder abuse’ as a research topic in the Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Diseases to measure its prevalence and impact on people with dementia, and  make recommendations on how to prevent the risk of elder abuse of older people with dementia
  • called for better trainings and recognition of carers' work and rights;
  • called for the development of e-learning tools for carers on how to detect and fight elder abuse and disseminate them widely across the EU.
The complete text of the Declaration is available here.

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