AGE Press release: Multiple discrimination in old age: a neglected issue

On 22 November, on the occasion of the European Equality Summit 2012, the Commission published its Eurobarometer on ‘Discrimination in the EU in 2012’ which highlights the ongoing problem of age discrimination as the most prevalent ground of discrimination. Along with the ageing of the EU population, the number of people facing multiple discrimination is on the increase. According to Louise Richardson, Vice-President of AGE, representing AGE Platform Europe at the Equality Summit, “There is an urgent need to address the serious problem of age discrimination, in particular for specific groups of older people who face discrimination on account not only of their age but due to other factors such as disability, race, ethnicity or/and sexual orientation.”
The Equality Summit in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 22-23 November 2012, is the opportunity for AGE to emphasize the need to take into account of the increasing number of people in the EU who are facing multiple discrimination in old age and launch its first papers in a series of joint papers on equality issues affecting specific groups of older people which have been drafted in collaboration with other EU non-discrimination and equality networks.

These include:

A joint paper with the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) focusing on the discrimination faced by older women is in preparation and to be issued by the end of the year.
AGE also intends to address the issue of older Roma in a joint statement with the European Roma Information Office (ERIO) on the extent to which the National Roma Integration Strategies take account of the needs of older Roma and to issue recommendations to policy makers.

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