Age UK releases a report on 'improving dignity in care'

The Commission on Improving Dignity in Care has been established to help improve the level of dignity older people experience while receiving care in hospitals and care homes.

The Commission had been working to understand how and why services in some hospitals and care homes are currently failing to deliver dignity in care of older people, and what changes are needed to improve things.

The Commission's aims, which are set out in its final report, have been to:

  • understand the extent of the problem;
  • identify the issues that are causing poor quality care for older people;
  • understand what older people and their families want from care services;
  • find examples of good practice within the health and social care system that are currently working well;
  • identify guidance that supports improvement in care for older people;
  • drive change and improvement; and
  • develop practical, long-term solutions.

Following a public consultation exercise on its draft report, the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care has published its final report recommending improvements in the delivery of care for older people in hospitals and care homes.

Link to the report

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