Answer a very short questionnaire on the EU quality framework for long-term care services!

The WeDO project, thanks to the support of the European Union, developed an EU quality framework for long-term care services and translated it into 10 languages. This Quality framework is now considered as a great start for a wider movement at EU level, thanks to the involvement of more than 200 organisations all over the EU during the whole project duration.
We think the quality framework has a great capacity to bring positive change in the EU, but we need your help! 
If you were not consulted already, or not involved in the WeDO project so far, we invite you to tell us what you think of the EU quality framework for long-term care services by answering a very short questionnaire (3 questions). 
A long and a short version (4 pages) of the EU quality framework are available in 10 languages here for consultation and download
You can have a look only at the short version (4 pages) to answer the questionnaire, but please feel free to download and disseminate the longer version!
Thank you in advance for your time and efforts to answer the questionnaire. For any question regarding this survey, please feel free to contact me at

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