EQUASS website launch on quality social services

The European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS) is an initiative of the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR). EQUASS aims to enhance the personal services sector by engaging service providers in quality, continuous improvement and by guaranteeing quality of services to service-users throughout Europe.

The new site is designed to assist auditors, clients, partners, LLH, organisations and professionals in improving the understanding and implementation of EQUASS certification system. As part of its objective to provide wide range information on EQUASS activities, the new website includes databases of Assurance and Excellence certified organisations as well as the list of nominated auditors working with us. EQUASS website has extensive content including a secure platform giving access to standard documents to auditors and applicants, Licence Holders and Benchmarking group participants. The new website displays also a series of graphic improvements as the interactive maps and the flashing galleries. EQUASS team is proud to announce that the website is fully accessible and social media linked. 

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