EU Quality framework for Long-term care services now available online!

The European Quality framework for long-term care services is the final output of the WeDO project. It is available in 10 languages and contains:

  • Background information, including an analysis, the vision and common values of the WeDO partnership
  • Quality principles and areas of action for the quality of services for older people in need of care and assistance ; the framework is made of quality principles inspired from the Social Protection Committee 'voluntary quality framework for social services'
  • Recommendations for implementation for different target groups and at different levels, with examples of quality development, control and labelling tools
  • A methodology that explains how to implement the principles and areas of action by developing a participatory approach in a quality improvement process. This methodology is inspired from the World Health Organisation improvement cycle of the Age-friendly Cities Program and is illustrated by examples of initiatives using the participatory method
  • A list of around 30 good practices from 12 different countries and EU-wide

More information and access to all versions (10 languages, full and shorter version) here.

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