European Commission's staff working document on Long-term care released!

The staff working paper on Long-term care services was released on Thursday 21st February as part of the 'Social Investment Package'. The staff working paper starts with an analysis of LTC services in Europe, and proposes several 'options' for LTC systems. It then focuses on proposals for several objectives to be developed by all member states:

  • Raising the productivity of care delivery
  • Reducing the incidence and overall prevalence of frailty and disability
  • Reducing dependency, i.e. enabling older people to continue to manage independent living with functional limitations

It finally explains what are the good practices regarding 'social investment' in long-term care:

  • Comprehensive national approaches
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Productivity and capacity gains through the use of ICT
  • Quality assurance

​The paper announces the topics which will be covered in the upcoming work of the Social Protection committee working group on ageing:

  • limiting the growth of LTC needs through prevention, rehabilitation, and increased capacity for independent living
  • ensuring access to LTC services for those in need
  • securing the quality of care
  • maintaining the financial sustainability of LTC delivery
  • The paper will be followed, hopefully in 2013, by a communication on LTC.

The staff working document is available here
The full Social investment package is available here

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