Improving the quality of life for older people, key topic in the high level conference on Long-term care in Finland

AGE Platform Europe represented older people's point of view in the European Commission High-level conference 'Perspectives on ageing' on health and long-term care. Representatives from different sectors and levels of action (EU, national, regional and local - policy makers, researchers, civil society, service providers) were invited to speak and give their point of view on the barriers and opportunities related to four main topics: 

  • Equal access to quality care
  • Acquiring knowledge about ageing as a multidisciplinary process
  • Multi-sectoral support for independent old age living
  • Empowerment of care patients in product and service development

Halina Potocka (Vice President AGE Platform Europe) and Angela Cluzel (Chair of AGE Health Expert Group) and some members of the AGE Health expert group took part to the conference thanks to the support of the European Commission. The conference and afternoon working groups were a good opportunity to gather new good practices to be used in AGE activities, including the WeDO project, and to bring to the conference older people's point of view.

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