Italy: Emilia Romagna Region Parliament adopts a resolution on carers

The Regional Parliament of Emilia Romagna has approved on March the 28th a resolution of the Democratic Party on carers aimed to:

  • Approve a shared definition of “carer”
  • Establish a regional carers day
  • Support carers to identify themselves as such and to be involved in the definition of the assistance plan of the care recipient
  • Provide training to carers
  • Support carers to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy, to maintain a social life and to reconcile work and care

Moreover, the Regional Parliament is committed to act towards the national government to:

  • Acknowledge the role of carers as essential
  • Define a national carers day
  • Collect statistical data on carers through the Census
  • Increase tax deductions on costs related to care

More information (in italian)

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