Launch of the Healthy Ageing website by EurohealthNet

Healthy ageing is about enabling older people to enjoy a good quality of life and ‘optimising opportunities for good health, so that older people can take an active part in society and enjoy an independent and high quality of life’ (Healthy Ageing: A Challenge for Europe).

Ageing is not necessarily a burden, and it does not necessarily decrease a person's ability to contribute to society: older people can make valuable and important contributions to society, and enjoy a high quality of life. But this depends on seeing ageing as an opportunity rather than a burden and taking a so-called 'assets-based approach'. Only by concentrating on what people can do, rather than what they cannot, can strategies and political decisions be taken which help create the right conditions to promote healthy behaviours amongst  older people and provide the necessary opportunities for regular physical activity, healthy diets, fulfilling social relations, participation in meaningful activities and financial security.

By showcasing practical examples of health promotion interventions, identifying initiatives in the European Union, and key resources about healthy ageing, we hope that builds awareness of the steps required to make healthy ageing a reality and helps contribute towards a successful European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations.

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