New database of long-term care projects in Germany

The Berliner Stiftung Zentrum für Qualität in der Pflege (ZQP) started the database in march 2012- presenting more than 450 projects and studies. 

This website gathers examples of projects carried out in Germany which aim is improve the structures, processes and outcomes in the field of nursing and eldercare and care for people with disabilities. They rcover local and national initiatives, at different levels. They gather a variety of projects made by universities, educational institutions or private actors. This website aims at gathering an increasing number of projects. All institutions are invited to use this new platform and to register their project in the database .

Access to the database (in German only)

Sole responsibility lies with the author and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained in the website.

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This project is cofinanced by the European Commission
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