Germany: feedback on the meeting '“Active Ageing in Europe – Senior Citizens and Volunteering“

On November 28th 2011 the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens,Women and Youth and the Observatory for Sociopolitical Developments in Europe invited European experts to the meeting “Active Ageing in Europe – Senior Citizens and Volunteering“ in Berlin. Kathrin Linz-Dinchel and Sabrina Stula (both from the Observatory) presented the results of their study “Monitor of European Policies on Senior Citizens” which reports regularly on current developments in generational policies and policies for the elderly in eight European Member States.

In the course of their research Sabrina Stula and Kathrin Linz-Dinchel have found out that in the countries examined the topics of “care”, support for informal carers”, “dementia” and “active ageing” are currently frequently discussed.

Report of the meeting

More on the Observatory for sociopolitical developments in Europe


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