News from Czech Republic: active ageing, gender issues

New project 'European Voices for Active Ageing'
On 8th of June, the new project European Voices for Active Ageing will organize a national meeting in Prague. In this meeting we will promote the active involvement of older citizens to develop an age friendly city. 80 people are invited and will discuss through the World Café methodology. The debates will be about how should look like Prague to be more age friendly, what can people do to make Prague more age friendly and will gather different groups of older people (50+, 60+, 70+, 80+). If you are interested to participate or for more information, please contact
New set of brochures on gender, employment and active ageing
The European Year 2012 on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations provides opportunities to highlight different projects in Czech Republic. Gender studies are at the center of the topic of employment of older people aged 50+. Discrimination on labour markets remains important and has consequences on the feminine face of poverty in old age. Active ageing in employements is an increasing key topic in times of crisis. Gender Studies in Czech Republic finalised a set of brochures on training and employment targetting employers and NGOs to campaign to make this key topic more visible. This initiative is developed in the framework of the PEOPLE project.

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