Guide on cooperation between social and health areas (in FR)


In keeping coherence with the methodological guide on territorial cooperation the ANAP published in march 2011, the aim of this document is to :

  • share cooperative medico-social experiences ;
  • suggest common and reproducible methodological procedures at inception or future ones ;
  • contribute to the process of adapting the medico-social field.

This guide presents the following successively :

  • background information specific to the medico-social field meant to inform stakeholders less familiar with this field ;
  • the major lessons learned from twelve experience feedbacks, which shall be of particular interest to decision makers and healthcare professional invested in the medico-social field, whether funders (Regional health agencies and Regional councils) or cooperation project developers;
  • the procedures and methodological tools intended : - for Regional health agencies, Regional delegations/councils for the section “Understanding coordination in the territory”, - for the chairmen, administrators, managing directors for the management structures for the section “Deciding to commit to cooperative efforts”, - and cooperation project implementers for the section “Implementation, operational variation”.

Link to the guide (in French)

Link to the webpage (in French)

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