Press releases on the WeDO Project (in French):

The leaders of the french national coalition are:   UNCCAS (National Union of Social Action Community Centres) UNCCAS, the National Union of Social Action Community Centres (CCAS) is an association which brings together 4,000 CCAS and 6,000 municipalities and / or cooperation between neighbouring communes organisations. UNCCAS has as main objective to promote and defend the social action of proximity implemented by the social centers. UNCCAS coordinates the action of CCAS at a department, regional and national level. Likewise, the UNCCAS is involved in European projects (Grundtvig, Progress, Daphné) and has already initiated numerous contacts beyond Europe (Quebec, Asia…). Finally, the UNCCAS was the founder, in 2008, of the Elisan network, the European network for inclusion and local social action (, whose aim is to give the local social action elected representatives a way of making their voices heard at European level. Website: UNCCASS is also publishing a newsletter. To receive it, please write to FNG (National Foundation of Gerontology) The FNG is a national resource centre working on older people and ageing. It was created in 1967 by the public authorities and the main basic or supplementary social security systems in France national research centres working in the field of health contributed to its creation. It developed for the first time in 1987 a "Charte des droits et libertés de la personne âgée dépendante" (Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the dependent elderly person). A more recent version of the Charter was presented in 2007 and named: "Charte des droits et libertés de la personne âgée en situation de handicap ou de dépendance". Website : Contact persons Kristine Stempien (UNCCAS) and Geneviève Imbert (FNG)

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