Website of the German coalition 

The German coalition developed a national strategy, available here in German and in English.

Leader of the national coalition:  BAGSO The Federal Association of Senior Citizens Organisations (BAGSO) aims to represent the interests of the older generations in Germany, especially to ensure that every human being has the possibility to have a self-determined life in old age and to get the opportunities for it. The organisation is committed to ensuring that old people have the opportunity to participate actively to the society. BAGSO represents 102 associations, organizations and initiatives working together, representing about 13 million older people in Germany. Website:  Contact person: Elke Tippelman  

DZA (German Center of Gerontology) was also involved in the first WeDO project. The German Centre of Gerontology is an institute for scientific research and documentation in the fields of social and behavioral ageing research. The bye-laws of the institute declare its purpose to „increase, collect, evaluate, process and disseminate knowledge about the living arrangements of ageing and old people in order to use this knowledge for scientifically independent consultation in respect to the challenges of an ageing population for society and social policy.“ DZA worked on the follow up of the German charter of the rights of people in need of long-term care.  Website:

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