The italian coalition adopted a national strategy, available here. 

Website of the Italian coalition: 

The website of the Italian coalition presents the aim of the project, describes the Italian partners and the good practices identified for Italy and contains a collection of useful documents (such as the EUSTACEA chart and accompany guide). The website also contains an interactive sections where all interested parties can contribute to the project reporting good practices, asking to become part of the national coalition or answering to the questionnaires

Members of the Italian Coalition

  • ANCeSCAO Lazio
  • ANCeSCAO Latina
  • Costruire l’Europa solidale
  • Provincia di Reggio Emilia
  • Provincia di Roma
  • Associazione Persona e Danno
  • INRCA-Istituto Nazionale di Ricovero e Cura per Anziani
  • Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Centro Maderna
  • SOFIA Società Cooperativa Sociale
  • Cooperativa SOLIMAI
  • Prof. Gianfranco Salvioli – Geriatra

Leading partners:

Anziani e Non Solo

Anziani e Non Solo is a cooperative society working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on management of project and promotion of products and services in the field of welfare and social inclusion. The activities carried out by Anziani e Non Solo concerns Active ageing and support to frail and dependent elderly, training and support to family carers, informal and formal carers and fight against poverty and support to social inclusion of disadvantaged people Website:


FIPAC is a large and representative organisation of older people in Italy whose aim is to improve the services provided to older people, to protect their dignity, and to increase their financial independence. FIPAC is a member of the AGE Italy coordination which is managed by Elio d’Orazio and brings together all AGE member organisations in Italy. FIPAC will report and consult with AGE Italy members to increase the awareness and participation of Italian older citizen’s organisations in the project. Website:

Contact persons:        

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