The Dutch coalition developed a WeDO Dutch report on quality long-term care services, available here (only in Dutch):

  Members of the Dutch National coalition: 

  • Bas Koolen – GGD Rotterdam
  • Henk Bakkerode – expert on informal care
  • Margo Brands – ANBO
  • Miriam van Dongen – LPBO (National Platform to Fight Elderabuse)
  • Greet Kamminga – CMO Flevoland (Regional Centre for Welfare and Care to stimulate participation in society)
  • Tinie Kardol – Vughterstede en Mariehoven and academic teacher and researcher Gerontology VU Brussels
  • Carolien Verstraten – V&VN working group Gerontology (branche organisation of professionals care workers)
  • Theo Royers – Vilans (Knowledge Centre for Long Term Care)
  • Marthijn Laterveer - LOC Zeggenschap in Zorg

Coalition leader:

ANBO ANBO is an association in the Netherlands representing senior people. Our primary goal is to provide independence and to promote the interests of seniors to national, provincial, and local governments and authorities. ANBO also gives its members advice and information offers an array of informative, cultural and recreational activities. In addition it arranges discounts through third-party providers. Website: Contact person: Margo Brands 

WeDO2 partner: LOC LOC Voice in Healthcare is the organisation for client councils in health care. These represent the interests of people who need care. LOC furthers their say and participation in healthcare as well as in general life. 2200 patients’ councils have joined LOC, who represent about 600.000 clients. The councils are active in institutions for old dependent people, psychiatric patients, addicts, homeless and battered women. As well as in organizations for home care and welfare. LOC will develop the activities in the project : participate to transnational meetings, develop the learning areas, test the train the trainer toolkit), and contribute to the virtual platform on quality LTC by sharing examples of good practices, resources and other relevant information.  Website: Contact person: Dennis van den Brink

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