Poland joined the WeDO2 project. It is represented by Halina Potocka from the Fundacja na rzecz Kobiet 'Ja kobieta.

The Foundation’s main important goals is to counter-act stereotypes and age discrimination, promote ideas of healthy ageing, train and teach mature women and men mostly in order to activate them, introduce innovative changes which in return will improve the quality of better life, promote respect towards elderly people, initiate and implement actions for elderly people, which will enable to create a better citizens’ society. For almost seven years (2005 – 2011) Foundation was coordinator of an informal platform of 25 NGO`s FORUM 50+ from all over Poland. FJK still coordinates FORUM50+ as a member of its Steering Committee. FORUM 50+ is united around common mission – improvement of living standards of elderly people and combat age discrimination in Poland. Among the main aims of FORUM 50+ is consolidation of senior organizations from all over Poland. It is an open platform and its growth is in progress. FORUM 50+ has played a significant role in governmental consultations concerning policies toward elderly people. FORUM 50+ is recognized as an open platform where organizations are able to talk with one stronger voice about their concerns. Both Foundation and FORUM50+ work in very close partnership with the government, no-profit organizations, scientists and specialist and many other stakeholders.

Website: www.kobieta50plus.pl/

Contact person: Halina Potocka

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