Spain is a new country in the WeDO partnership as it was not partner in the WeDO project. The Spanish coalition and the Catalan coalition is being created during the year 2013 and 2014.

Coalition leaders:

The leader of the Spanish coalition is Fundación Pilares para la autonomía personal , which is a private non-profit foundation committed to promote equal opportunities, and dignity of human life in all stages of life by promoting personal autonomy, social participation, and the exercise of rights. We aim for a good quality care when it is required and better standards of living for people who are at risk or experiencing discrimination, lack, frailty, disability, dependency, marginalization, or personal conflicts.

One of the most important areas of action of Fundación Pilares is to develop and establish a Comprehensive and Person-Centred Care Model. Therefore, at the end of 2011 we launch the Best Practices Network Modeloyambiente. We intend to collect, systematize and disseminate Best Practices based on applying the Comprehensive and Person-centered care Model. Through the website created for supporting this network, the organizations that have an active role in contributing to the model, can share their projects' programme or activities, and put them in value. Thus creating a free and open space to learn, contact, exchange and cooperate between institutions, professional associations and other stakeholders. All the participants in Modeloyambiente Best Practices Network that wish it, can become part of the WeDO partnership’s Spanish coalition.

The leader of the Catalan coalition is Fatec, a federation of older people's organisations in Catalonia.

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Other coalition members:

Matia Fundazioa: Matia Fundazioa is a non-profitmaking organisation with over 130 years' experience looking after old people. This organization uses the Person-Centred care Model as frame of quality. Matia Fundazioa also generates knowledge and innovation from an integral view of the aging process through its institute, the Matia Gerontology Institute, a unit of the Matia Fundazioa dedicated to creating knowledge that can be applied and disseminated throughout society (RTD+i).

Asispa: As an Institution of Social Economy, Asispa's mission is to carry out activities which promote independence as well as to provide the best possible service for seniors, adults, youth, and infants. Asispa provides a range of services that includes:  home assistance, telecare, nursing homes or day centers.

Fundación Once: The principal objective of the ONCE Foundation is to implement integration programmes of work-related training and employment for people with disabilities, and universal accessibility, promoting the creation of universally accesible environments, products and services.

Personalia: This company provides social and health care services for the elderly and dependent persons. Its partnership  is made up mostly of  the business division of ONCE Foundation and, to a lesser extent , for Business Corporation ONCE.

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