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European Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and assistance. Europe & International website
What are the care jobs? (in french) Quels métiers de l’aide médico-sociale aux personnes handicapées et dépendantes ? France French research paper
◦Report on the challenges of older people's assistance - international approaches to integrate in the national debate on dependency France French website
Improve quality of care: a guide (France) France French publication
ANESM : National Agency for the evaluation and the quality of care services France French website
‘Quality of life in care homes for elderly dependent people’ (ANESM doc.) France French publication
French Charter of the rights and liberties of disabled or dependent older people France French website
Guide on cooperation between social and health areas (in FR) France French publication
France : Social field barometer by social services network France French publication
"Good Care for older people" : a guide and a toolkit prepared by the High Health Authority in France France French publication
France: report on home help policies France French research paper
New technologies for social inclusion (only in French) Europe & International French research paper
Plan d’action gouvernemental contre la maltraitance 2010 – 2015 Canada French website
Law on Dependency Spain Spanish website
Law on dependency Spain Spanish website
Innovations in nursing homes for people in situations of dependency: Architectural design and care model Europe & International Spanish conference results
Comprehensive and Person-centred Care Spain Spanish publication Spain Spanish website
UNECE Policy brief on Abuse of older persons Europe & International English publication
Future demand for long-term care in Ireland Ireland English publication
Minimum standards for care homes United Kingdom English publication
Welsh Charter for the rights of older persons United Kingdom English publication
Minimum standards for domiciliary care United Kingdom English publication
Dementia: a public health priority Europe & International English publication
SPC report on long-term care Europe & International English publication
Intersectoral Governance for Health in All Policies - Structures, actions and experiences - WHO Europe Europe & International English publication
Building blocks for multi-disciplinary informal care in Flevoland, NL Netherlands English research paper
Accessibility of financial services to older people Czech Republic English publication
Family wellbeing Europe & International English research paper
Quality standards for social services Czech Republic English publication
UNECE policy brief on Innovative and empowering strategies for care Europe & International English publication
National framework for high quality services for older people Finland English publication
European Parliament Resolution on "Long-term care for older people" Europe & International English website
Manual on elder abuse provides guidance to professionals ‘Oud leed (Older people’s pain)’: preventing and combatting elder abuse Netherlands English publication
PERFAR database on population data and policies in Europe Europe & International English website
Territorial Quality Standards in Social Services of General Interest Europe & International English publication
Good practices collected through the EUSTACEA project Europe & International English website
GUIDE, EU project on 'Gentle user interfaces for elderly people' Europe & International English website
Evidence-based practice in public social services Europe & International English publication
Inquiry into the human rights in home care for older people United Kingdom English publication
Guide to home care and human rights United Kingdom English publication
Eurocentre Policy brief: Active ageing and prevention in the context of LTC (rethinking concepts and practices) Europe & International English website
Study on elder abuse in Slovakia Slovakia English research paper
The Dignity Code United Kingdom English publication
3rd European Quality of Life Survey Europe & International English publication
The Interlinks Project Europe & International English website
Qualitative Eurobarometer on patient involvement in healthcare Europe & International English research paper
Database of digital services for older people's carers Europe & International English website
ASISP Assessing the socio-economic impact of social reforms Europe & International English website
The ANCIEN long-term care project Europe & International English website


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