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European Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and assistance. Europe & International website
France: report on home help policies France French research paper
New technologies for social inclusion (only in French) Europe & International French research paper
Plan d’action gouvernemental contre la maltraitance 2010 – 2015 Canada French website
What are the care jobs? (in french) Quels métiers de l’aide médico-sociale aux personnes handicapées et dépendantes ? France French research paper
◦Report on the challenges of older people's assistance - international approaches to integrate in the national debate on dependency France French website
Improve quality of care: a guide (France) France French publication
ANESM : National Agency for the evaluation and the quality of care services France French website
‘Quality of life in care homes for elderly dependent people’ (ANESM doc.) France French publication
French Charter of the rights and liberties of disabled or dependent older people France French website
Guide on cooperation between social and health areas (in FR) France French publication
France : Social field barometer by social services network France French publication
"Good Care for older people" : a guide and a toolkit prepared by the High Health Authority in France France French publication
Law on dependency Spain Spanish website
Innovations in nursing homes for people in situations of dependency: Architectural design and care model Europe & International Spanish conference results
Comprehensive and Person-centred Care Spain Spanish publication Spain Spanish website
Law on Dependency Spain Spanish website
Eurofound’s work on company initiatives for workers with care responsibilities for disabled children or adults Europe & International English research paper
Elder care and dependence: no longer just a women’s concern? France English research paper
Home care accross Europe Europe & International English publication
The EUROPEAN project Europe & International English website
IENE-Intercultural education of nurses and medical staff in Europe Europe & International English website
UN Open-ended working group on ageing English website
Peer review in Sweden: Closing the gap - in search for ways to deal with expanding care needs and limited resources Europe & International English conference results
A set of tools to fight intimate partner violence on older women: results from the 'Mind the Gap!' project Europe & International English publication
The MILCEA project - Monitoring in Long term care Pilot project on elder abuse Germany English website
The Rotterdam approach to elder abuse Netherlands English publication
The Breaking the taboo 2 project Europe & International English website
FP7 Homecare project: final deliverables Europe & International English publication
The voluntary European Quality Framework for Social Services of General Interest Europe & International English publication
OECD publication 'A good life in old age'? Monitoring and Improving Quality in Long-term Care Europe & International English publication
The PRISMA Project (end of life care) Europe & International English website
Older People’s Experiences of Mistreatment and Abuse report Ireland English publication
Contact details of the members of the Social Protection Committee Europe & International English publication
The Procare project on integrated care Europe & International English website
Germany: Conception and implementation of interventions to destigmatize mental illness - Recommendations and results of research and praxis Germany English research paper
E-Qualin quality management system Europe & International English website
Working report of the family platform: social care and social services Europe & International English research paper
The Prometheus project on a Common quality framework for social services Europe & International English website
FIAPA: Universal Charter of legal protection of vulnerable elders Europe & International English publication
‘Open your eyes’ campaign (and strategy) Ireland English website
Women and the economic crisis: Integrating social services to safeguard social wellbeing and to promote economic growth Austria English research paper
Co-ordinated care for people with chronic conditions United Kingdom English publication
Care commission UK United Kingdom English website
Prevention of elder abuse in Europe - towards a framework for the monitoring of elder abuse (MILCEA) Europe & International English publication
National positive Strategy on Ageing Ireland English website
Does Population Aging Drive Up Pro-Elderly Social Spending? Europe & International English research paper
Analysis on service quality in nursing homes Europe & International English conference results
Essential standards United Kingdom English website


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