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This online directory publishes ICT-based services for informal carers, to ensure the dissemination of existing good practices and to raise awareness about them among end-users (i.e. carers and older people) and stakeholders. It offers access to 78 good practices of digital services for older care at home, which the European Commission's Joint Research Center gathered and that EUROCARERS, the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, helped make available to all.

The database contains information needed to develop, implement and transfer such services. Moreover, this database aims to raise awareness among policy-makers and care-responsible organisations about the benefits of these services for the sustainability of the care system, the welfare of the European population, and to create growth and jobs. ICTs initiatives can provide different services for enhancing: Independent living, information and learning for carers, personal support and social integration, care coordination. The database constitutes a valuable tool for EU Member States and all stakeholders involved in long-term care, including practitioners.

Telecare, e-learning, online information platforms on older care, and care-tasks coordination apps are just a few examples of digital services for carers of older people. These services help them to carry out their tasks better and make their care more accessible and qualified. However, these services are still not fully deployed in public care systems and an analysis on returns on investment, business models, digital skills and exchange of good practices, such as the ones provided in this online database, are needed to scale them up and mainstream these services.

On the right you can find four boxes labelled according to the main objective of the technology used by the services. Each box contains all the initiatives based on these technologies.

This online directory is the result of the researches carried out by the JRC-IPTS of the European Commission since 2008.

Sole responsibility lies with the author and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained in the website.

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