Prevention of elder abuse in Europe - towards a framework for the monitoring of elder abuse (MILCEA)

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This paper presents the final results of the MILCEA (Monitoring in Long-Term Care – Pilot Project on Elder Abuse) project, which is funded by the European Commission. The declared goal of MILCEA was  to contribute to the prevention of elder abuse (ea) in long-term care (ltc). Of course, prevention includes the recognition of elder abuse and of the risk of elder abuse. But the way milcea defines it, prevention goes beyond the mere recognition of risk factors and indicators: it also includes concrete actions, taken as part of a monitoring system, to protect the older person. Professionals in the long term care system thus play an important role. 

In the course of this project, the long term care systems in different European countries were systematically analysed for elder abuse, using a mix of scientific methods (focus groups, stakeholder analysis, literature analysis, interviews, etc.). The main thrust of the m i lcea project is to provide a framework for European countries on how to put in place the structures needed to monitor elder abuse. The framework has been developed for use in all European countries, and has been evaluated by several international experts in the field of elder abuse and / or long-term care. Many national and international experts have been involved in the project in each of the participating countries. 

All country-specific results, as well as detailed information about MILCEA can be found on the MILCEA homepage:

Report is available here

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