A set of tools to fight intimate partner violence on older women: results from the 'Mind the Gap!' project

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In­ti­ma­te part­ner vio­lence against older women is a si­gni­fi­cant so­ci­al issue which is li­kely to in­crea­se as so­cie­ties age. While much em­pha­sis has been pla­ced on tack­ling in­ti­ma­te part­ner vio­lence against youn­ger women and girls, our re­se­arch has re­vea­led that such in­ci­dents are often fur­ther com­poun­ded by the dy­na­mics of age­ing, such as re­ti­re­ment, chro­nic health con­di­ti­ons and de­pen­den­cy on care.

This is fre­quent­ly not re­cognis­ed or un­ders­tood by law en­force­ment and so­ci­al sup­port prac­titio­ners, par­ti­cu­lar­ly when the of­fen­ding be­ha­viour does not fea­ture phy­si­cal or se­xu­al vio­lence but in­s­tead in­vol­ves co­er­ci­on, fi­nan­ci­al abuse and ne­glect, which ap­pe­ar to be un­der-​re­por­ted and/or un­der-​re­cor­ded. Fur­ther­mo­re the frail­ty and vul­nerabi­li­ty of some per­pe­tra­tors and victims poses spe­ci­fic chal­len­ges for in­ter­ve­ning in­sti­tu­ti­ons.

Wi­t­hin the pro­ject IPVoW re­se­arch upon the issue of IPV against older women was car­ried out and re­com­men­da­ti­ons were de­ve­lo­ped.

Wi­t­hin the pro­ject Mind the Gap! main­ly ma­te­ri­al for prac­titio­ners was de­ve­lo­ped.

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