Study visit Germany

In March 2014, the WeDO2 project partners met in Bonn and Cologne. 

The first visit was the “Paul Schwellenbach Haus” in Cologne- Höhenberg. Christof Wild presented the organisation “Kölner Seniorennetzwerke” (Cologne Senior Citizens Networks).
Since 2003, locally oriented suburban senior citizens’ networks have been built up in 40 suburbs of Cologne. The aim is to encourage personal participation, autonomy and solidarity, and to find opportunities to be active in the neighborhood. With a small amount of money they manage to develop a huge amount of activities- involving young and old and fighting against isolation of older people.

Mr.Kleinstück presented the “Dementia-Service Centre Region of Cologne and the Southern Rhineland”. The main aim of a broader network of 13 centres in NRW is destigmatisation of dementia and inclusion of people with dementia. Special task is the initiation, support and networking of low-threshold assistance and care offers but also promotion of liaisons between medical, therapeutical, caring and psychosocial supply, training and qualification offers- and the creation of projects. One very successful project initiated by Mr. Kleinstück is called “Wir tanzen wieder!” (Dancing again)- people with dementia and their relatives are dancing in dance clubs all over Germany.

The last study visit was a guided tour for people with dementia (Museum Ludwig Cologne)- existing  due to the cooperation between the association “Dementia and Art” and the educational service of the museum. The main aim during such a tour (5 museums are connected) is improving the cultural participation of people with dementia. The Learning Partners learned how such a tour works-  by  awaking emotions, good memories and feelings of older people visiting the famous museum.

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