This video was made by the WeDO2 partner Pro Senectute, Austria.


For 20 years Ann went to her hairdresser in the city.

She can’t do it anymore because she must not be late for lunch at the resting-home.

Joseph loved his cat.
Now she is at the animal shelter.
because his daughter who cares for him, doesn’t like the animal.

Lisa likes to drink a glass of beer at her meal.
This is no longer allowed  her – the house rules say.

Jack had a stroke.
Now no one talks to him.
His children think he can understand nothing.

Edward liked to drive by train.
At his train stop there is a ticket-machine now.
He cannot handle it and he is ashamed.

Mary loves puzzle books.
Her son thinks this is a waste of money
therefore he doesn’t bring her such books.

Rose likes to go for a walk.
Since boorish adolescents are sitting at the entrance, Rosa is afraid.

Jonathan always enjoyed his meals.
Now he does not want to eat.
The food is given to him so fast that he can barely keep up with swallowing.

Sofie is looking for her child and she wants to run away, but it is not possible.
Sofie is substantially demented and her daughter bound her to a wheelchair.

Violence against the elderly has many faces.
It  can be hidden
or obvious
no matter how it appears
we must prevent it!

On the EU Day for intergenerational solidarity, we would like to remind the importance for all generations to care for each other and see their complementarity.

We would like to share on that important day a short video called ‘What is that?’ 

More information on other activities on the EU day here and here.


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