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WeDO2 project events (2013-2015)

The WeDO2 project plans to organise 5 events during two years in different countries.

18-20 March 2015: 4th meeting in Warsaw

From 17th to 20th March, the WeDO2 partners met in Warsaw. The aim of this 4th transnational meeting was finalise the training guide and to plan for the final stage of the project, including the EU event. The meeting was organised together with two study visits, one in the Ministry of labour and social affairs and one in the Warsaw Alzheimer center.

13-19 October 2014: 3rd meeting in Athens

From the 13th to the 15th October 2014 was organized the third transnational meeting of WeDO2 in Athens, Greece. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to share the results of the first training sessions, which were overall very positive. The main lessons learned from the trainings were that:

  • The use of image and some videos is an excellent way to make people talk on quality of care, bad care and elder abuse; time for exchange was appreciated by the participants.
  • One of the videos shown during the training sessions (Ada) was withdrawn from the training package because it impacted negatively the discussions (people were shocked, did not understand the purpose of the video, and wanted information on privacy rights)
  • The trainings need to be adapted to the national/local context to be more effective. Trainers should ask participants for own experiences and examples.
  • The trainings took longer than expected.
  • Groups mixing different generations as participants, but also as trainers proved to be very positive in working on stereotypes on older people
  • Usually the groups expected a follow up, a product out of the training session.

The partners are now working on a second training tests session. They are also building a guide including all lessons learned and tips for the delivery of the training. Our Austrian partner Bernhard Hofer kindly prepared videos based on pictures taken during the transnational meeting. You can see them at the following link.

18-20 March 2014: 2nd meeting in Bonn

The partners discussed a first version of the train the trainer module, which then will be tested in the different countries' learning areas. The training module is based on reflecting on what is good care, how the EUSTaCEA Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and the WeDO EU quality framework for long-term care services can contribute to it, and how concretely change can be implemented. A study visit was organised to Cologne, where three organisations could introduce their work: the Seniors' network, the Federal Initiative Dementia Service of North Rhine Westphalia, and the organisation Dementia und Art.

Videos from the meeting are available here.

6-7 November 2013: Kick off meeting in Brussels

The meeting aimed at preparing the project activities and discuss a first of the train the trainer model.   See also the video on the meeting here, made by Bernard Hofer from Austria.

WeDO project events (2010-2012)

The WeDO project planned to organise 3 main EU events during the project. The first one was in Utrecht, Netherlands, on 21 June 2011. The second was in Vienna, Austria, on 24 April 2012. The third and last one was in Brussels, on 14-15 november 2012.

15 November 2012 : Intercoalitions meeting  

14 November 2012: Final conference on the European Quality Framework for Long Term care

Principles and guidelines for the wellbeing and dignity of older people in need of care and assistance developed by the WeDO project

Hosted and chaired by Heinz K. Becker, Member the European Parliament and Co-chair of the Intergroup on Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity   Venue:  European Parliament  (60 Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Brussels) Room: P4B001   This conference aimed at presenting the European Quality framework for long-term care services developed by the WeDO partnership to improve the wellbeing and dignity of frail older people. The WeDO Principles and guidelines for the wellbeing and dignity of older people in need of care and assistance were discussed with representatives of the European commission,  the European Parliament, the Council, care homes, older people's organisations, carer's organisations, service providers, researchers, policy makers at national level, etc.   

Final program

Power point presentations

Documents circulated during the event

2nd EU event in Vienna, 24 April 2012 Presentations from the event

1st EU event in Utrecht, 21 June 2011 Presentations from the event 

Programme folder

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