WeDO2 is the continuity of the WeDO project (2010-2012). It is cofinanced by the European Union programme Grundtvig.

All the project results are available here.


Started in September 2013, it lasted 2 years and involved 7 countries:

It is coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Liesbeth De Donder) and supported by the Gruntvig programme. The VUB developed among other activities the Belgian Ageing Studies, a project which seeks to monitor local challenges and opportunities, as well as issues of quality of life, among home-dwelling older people in order to provide tools for evidenced-based ageing policies at local level. More information here.

The VUB is supported by AGE Platform Europe to ensure the continuity with the WeDO project.


WeDO2 (or We do, too!) aims at ‘supporting the exchange of learning experiences and good practices between organisations working in the field of formal, non-formal or informal adult education (older people and/or informal carers' organisations, universities, training centers, service providers) to improve the ability of different stakeholders (older people, informal caregivers, service providers) to cooperate in planning and delivering long-term care services and so improve quality of life for older people in need of care and assistance.

Moreover, based on the existing European Quality framework for long-term care services developed in the WeDO project (2010-2012) it will seek to develop with a participatory approach new educational tools (an online train the trainer toolkit, learning areas where trainings will be tested) adapted to different groups (older people, informal carers, service providers).

The exchange of good practices,  participatory approach,  construction of the train-the-trainer toolkit, realisation of the innovative learning-areas and exploitation events will have a significant contribution for a durable activation and participation of different stakeholders in the process of ensuring quality long-term care.’


WeDO2 developped the following activities: 

Study visits

The WeDO2 project aims at exchanging experiences and create a learning experience. To contribute to this, each transnational meeting is organised back to back with a study visit.


You can follow the activities on the 'events' webpage.

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This project is cofinanced by the European Commission
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