What is WeDO?

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WeDO (Wellbeing and Dignity of Older people) was a European project (2010-2012) involving 18 partners from 12 countries. It was coordinated by AGE Platform Europe and cofinanced by the European Commission, Directorate General for Employment and Social affairs. Its overall objective was to develop a lasting and growing transnational partnership of stakeholders committed to working together to promote the wellbeing and dignity of vulnerable and disabled older people and prevent elder abuse at all levels and in all settings through the promotion of quality long-term care. 

The project developed a European Quality Framework for Long-term care services translated into 11 languages.

It also launched an EU-wide WeDO partnership of organisations committed to promote it.

The WeDO partnership aims to enable all interested parties to discuss and exchange experiences and good practices both at national and EU level, based on commonly agreed quality principles. The European Quality Framework for LTC includes principles, recommendations, good practices and a methodology to ensure end users’ participation. 

You want to make the European Quality framework a reality? Join the WeDO partnership!

The European Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and assistance

The project was the continuity of the EUSTACEA project (2008-2010), cofinanced by DG Justice and the Daphne programme, which developed a European Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and assistance and its accompanying guide

The European Charter is available in 13 languages, you can download them all on our website : 


Accompanying Guide


The Accompanying Guide is available in 9 languages :

More information on the EUSTACEA project is available here

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